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Cressacres Carp Syndicate | The Rules

  1. All members must be in possession of a current E.A. rod licence to fish at Croxley Hall Fisheries. Syndicate Membership cards/fees are not transferable or refundable. Full membership of Cressacres Carp Syndicate entitles a member to fish Cressacres Lake, Longwater and Kingfisher Pool only. Thames Region bylaws apply at Croxley Hall Fisheries and should be observed in addition to the Fishery rules at all times.
  2. Membership fees are payable before 1st April each year.
  3. Cressacres Carp Syndicate Members will be able to fish from 16th April until the 15th March.
  4. All members are required record their catches accurately before leaving the fishery.
  5. Night fishing is allowed 7 nights a week however the maximum amount of time a member can fish is 48-hours in any one session.
  6. All fish caught must be returned to the same water alive. Members must take every precaution to ensure that fish are handled correctly and for the minimum amount of time whilst out of the water.
  7. Members may use two rods only, until the 1st November when a third rod may be used for the remainder of the season.
  8. No baited rods are to be left unattended - either in or out of the water at any time.
  9. No keep nets or carp sacks can be used or brought on to the fishery by members or guests. All unhooking mats, weigh slings and landing nets are provided by Croxley Hall Fisheries for syndicate members and their guests to use.
  10. The use of all nuts as bait is strictly forbidden.
  11. No bent hooks are to be used under any circumstances. This includes "Fox Series 5's" and bent "Kamasan B175's".
  12. No lead core, leaders of any type or braid to be used under any circumstances, with the exception of marker and spod rods. RIGS WILL BE CHECKED.
  13. The use of Bait-Boats, Rubber Dinghy's, Hard Bottom Boats, and Li Lo's is strictly forbidden.
  14. Toilets are provided on the fishery for all members to use. The fishery has two car parks, one for large vehicles and another for small vans, cars and motorcycles.
  15. Guest tickets are available starting from the 16th June (one guest per member). Only one guest is allowed on the syndicate at any one time. ALL MEMBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR GUESTS!
  16. Dogs and/or radios, pushchairs or prams are not allowed on the fishery. All litter and nylon must be removed from the fishery.
  17. No drugs, other than prescription medicine is allowed on the premises. Alcohol may be consumed only in moderation.
  18. Persons fishing at Croxley Hall Fisheries do so at their own risk. Croxley Hall Fisheries and/or its employees cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to anglers or their possessions, including motor vehicles, however caused, whilst on the premises. It is the angler's responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering Croxley Hall Fisheries.
  19. The management of Croxley Hall Fisheries reserve the right not to renew any Carp Syndicate membership without affording a reason.


The above is a summary version of the rules for Cressacres Carp Syndicate members.  A full version is provided for all members prior to joining the Syndicate.


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